Australian Consulate-General



Selection Criteria

The Consulate-General sets selection criteria for each vacant position in order to identify the key skills, abilities, experience, knowledge and qualifications which are required to effectively and efficiently perform the functions of the position.

The competing applications we receive are considered and marked against each of the selection criteria in order to find the most suitable applicant. It is therefore essential that applicants address each of the selection criteria listed in the job vacancy, if their application is to be successful.

The central role of selection criteria

We emphasise that selection criteria are the key determining factors in our recruitment process and applicants must address each of the selection criteria in their applications. Please note that applications which do not address the selection criteria will not be considered.

Statement of claims against selection criteria

Your application is essentially a statement of claims against the selection criteria and should be the centre piece of your application. In addressing the selection criteria, you should use specific examples of work you have done, describing how you have contributed to a process or an outcome, and how this relates to the particular selection criteria you are addressing.

You should seek to demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements of the position by describing your relevant skills, abilities, knowledge, work achievements and experience against each of the selection criteria. You must show us that you meet the selection criteria and how you meet them.

On a final note, it is useful to remember, that the primary function of your application is to provide sufficient relevant information about yourself to convince the selection panel to short list your application for more serious consideration. That information however must be relevant to the key skills, abilities, knowledge and experience requirements that have been outlined in the selection criteria.

The STAR approach

The following STAR points are useful guides in outlining your competency or experience against each duty/criterion.

Situation - Set the context by describing the situation in which you demonstrated the skills or qualities and gained the experience.

Task – Describe the task

Actions - What did you do and how did you do it?

Results - What did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job that you have applied for?

If you find it difficult to identify strong examples for each duty/criterion, you can still show you understand what’s required and how it should be done.

The application is also used by the selection panel to assess an applicant’s writing and organisational skills as well as their eagerness for the job. Make sure your application is succinct, focussed and well organised. Show that you are well prepared and thorough by ensuring it is sufficiently detailed and coherent as well as free of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Where possible, have someone, such as a colleague or supervisor, read over your application before lodging it.